Missy Men’s Wear

There is something amazingly fun and alluring about a women in men’s wear. Not all of us can pull it off head to toe like the lovely Diane Keaton, but any girl with sass can wear a few pieces here or there. Conveniently enough, thrift stores seem to have a plethora of high quality, like new garments for men. No matter how I try, I just can’t seem to resist buying some of these garments for myself.

To quickly and simply incorporate men’s wear into your wardrobe, consider putting a small twist on the garments original purpose.

  • ties look great worn scarf style…try two or three at a time
  • men’s dress shirts in big/tall sizes make great dresses…style with a wide belt and ankle boots
  • cut off a pair of suit pants and fold up into geeky, cute shorts…my favorite shorts are Goeffrey Beene cutoffs

For a one-of-a-kind addition to any wardrobe, men’s wear makes a great jumping off point. Upcycling is all the rage now and it is way more fun than waiting in line to get into a fitting room. I’ve made some fun outfits for myself and my children using cast off men’s wear, but I haven’t even imagined anything as cute as the designs offered by Caroline Hobbs at her etsy boutique The Painted Oyster. Despite the fact that I love upcycling my own creations, I just cannot convince myself that I don’t need one of these little numbers.

The Painted Oyster

Shirt Dresses by Caroline at The Painted Oyster



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  1. I have a friend who took all of her father’s old neckties, undid the seam in the back and sewed them all together to make a skirt. She just cut it from the top the length she wanted and added elastic. She didn’t have to hem it, the hem was the pointed ends of the ties. I plan to try this myself, maybe this summer.

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