Mission Statement

When I googled eco-fashion I discovered that not much was being said about the everyday application of the concept.  On page after page, celebrities were being applauded for supporting the eco-lines of high end designers and yoga pants sprouted out of the margins, but there seemed to be no in between.

So what is a girl to do, take her knitting bag and go home?

Not me.  I kept digging.  I googled green clothing, sustainable fashion, artwear, recycled fashion, sustainable fibers, and fair-trade clothing just to name a few.  With each topic, I found that the search came back with a jumbled mix of mostly impractical or broken links. The information I wanted was there, but I had to work to find it.   Information this important should be readily available, so I decide to share it myself.

This blog is about more than fashion.  It is about a lifestyle.  In the days to come I hope to help you discover your own personal style (if you don’t have one already), empower you to make informed shopping decisions, introduce you to innovative designers with a green design premise, and teach you skills to create a wardrobe that is uniquely yours.  Best of all, I want to do all of this on a budget.  Rather you are college student or a professional; you should be able to dress yourself sustainably without breaking the bank.  It takes a bit of effort, but the pride you will take in your wardrobe will make it all worthwhile.


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