Everyday Minerals Base

My girlfriends at MaryJanes Farm and I were having a long conversation about mineral make-up when Everyday Minerals was mentioned. As a girl who wears very little make-up (mascara and lipstick), I was looking for a light base to smooth out my complexion a bit for a more polished overall look. The dilema being that I tend to hate the way standard foundation feels on my skin. To me, even the high-priced specialty brands start to feel like a coating of lard halfway through the day (not to mention some of their ingredients are a bit frightening). Since it was fairly unanimous that mineral make-up has a much nicer texture and holds up better in the humidity than standard make-up, I knew that I was looking in the right direction. When one of the girls mentioned that the brand she uses (Everyday Minerals) offers a free sample pack of their bases, I knew which line I was going to try first.

Once on the Everyday Minerals site, it was extremely easy to find the free samples. Instead of being hidden in some out-of-the-way place, the offer is predominately displayed at the top of the homepage. Once on the page, you choose the color range that your skin tone falls into and add the sample to your basket. Included in the sample are five .03 oz jars of mineral base (one in each color of the range and in each of the four formulas available in the base). The first sample is always free (all you are asked to pay is the shipping) and additional samples are five dollars.

When my sample order of five trial sized bases arrived I couldn’t wait to try them. despite the fact it was nearly midnight, I had to see how they were going to look. My enthusiasm was dampened a bit by the difficulty of opening the jars. The clear plastic film over the sifting holes was not only difficult to see, but impossible to remove without help from the tweezers. Once all of the jars were open, I lined them up on the counter and started applying little daubs to my face to determine my perfect color. The colors I had to choose from were sandy medium, medium tan, olive medium, light tan, and sandy tan. I quickly narrowed my colors down to either medium tan (semi matte) or sandy tan (matte) and proceeded to apply each to one half of my face. Over the larger area, I soon decided that the sandy tan was a bit too orange for my skin but continued with the application anyway. The base felt light and blended easily, leaving no make-up lines. The semi matte formula of the medium tan smoothed out the small flaws while still looking natural. Once I had applied my jesters mask of bases, I finished my make-up regime as usual with a sweep of bronzer (another recent addition by the recommendation of my stylist friend), mascara, and a deep raisin toned lipstick. I looked great, but the true test was yet to come.

The next day, I really put Everyday Minerals to the test. I was going to work in a venue that had minimal air conditioning on a rather warm South Florida day. Although I always try to look professional, situations like this are usually the ones in which I avoid foundation type make-up at all costs. I applied medium tan base beneath my standard look and went about my day. To my surprise, I completely forgot I was wearing base. When I looked in the mirror at the end of the day, my face still looked smooth and clean with no caking or other ill effects of the humidity. These excellent results have been repeated three times now.

In short…yes, I do recommend Everyday Minerals Base . The “negative” I have seen regarding this product in other reviews is it’s sheerness, which is exactly what I love about it. I do not look or feel like I am wearing gobs of make-up. In this product, I feel like myself and I feel beautiful.

Not only is it a great product, the company providing it has a conscience as well. Everyday Minerals has signed with the Leaping Bunny Organization to verify their commitment to a cruelty free, no animal testing product. They also give back to their local Texas community by reaching out to women who have been victims of domestic violence.

Photo Credits: All photos are property of EverydayMinerals http://www.everydayminerals.com


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  1. Awesome review, love the way you write. Would have been better if u included some swatches but either way i loved this post.

    I love everydayminerals, their sampling system changed a lot now. It has definitely gotten better ^^. After trying the samples I think golden medium suits my skin tone the best n have placed an order of their full sizes^^. I’m about an NC 30-NC 35 in Mac 🙂


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